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From: Vancouver

Compact. Nice sound.

January 16, 2017
It works. Sound quality is very good. Display is good. I am not a fan of the ergonomics of the buttons for the various functions. Here is why I have this opinion. Print descriptions for the buttons have a small font size, and the logic behind the button placement is a mystery. Turning the radio on is the third button of four across the top. Turning it off is a solitary button. The buttons also seem small.... Read More  Hide
From: Witless Bay, NL, Canada

Neat with a good sound

January 27, 2017
I bought this two days ago and I am very pleased with it.
From: Halifax, NS, Canada

Great Features

February 05, 2017
I just purchased yesterday, so I am just getting used to it
From: Kingston, NS, Canada

sony radio alarm clock.

March 18, 2017
We are please with this product. It has a lovely sound and it fits our needs.
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