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From: Irvine, CA

God sent Speakers!

December 28, 2018
I have been testing a lot of speakers with the kind of music I listen to, mostly Classical, Pop, R&B, Jazz and all genres of Indian music. I do blind test, that means I actually blind fold few audiophile friends and play all kinds of songs that we listen to. Out of all the speakers I tested (Klipsh, Pioneer (by Andrew Jones), Polk, JBL, Elac), I found the Sony SSC-S3 speakers the best. I don't understand how Sony could design and build a speaker for this price. It is quite astonishing! The other speakers are much more expensive and they lack clarity. I felt that most of the other brand speakers (except the Pioneer SP-FS52) are probably good for boom-boom Home theatre kind of content. I liked the Pioneer a lot but the Sony is much better than that. What surprises me is the crispness, clarity, detail that the Sony speakers are able to produce. It is astonishing! Hats off to the designers, engineers and the entire team that built this Speaker. I have a serious suggestion for Sony: Why don't you print the name of the person(s) who designed the SSC-S3 speakers on the box and the speaker? The person or people behind such a great speaker deserve a lot of recognition. I sincerely hope you will follow my suggestion. Thanks SSC-S3 team and Sony.... Read More  Hide
From: Canton ohio

Great sound for the size

March 19, 2019
Bought 3 pair of these for different rooms of the house for music and must say that i am very impressed with the quality and sound. For the price these cant be beat, they sound better than many more expensive speakers, you will not be disappointed.
From: Ashburn

Outstanding Speakers

March 12, 2019
I spent few months researching on my home theater. I purchased these without listening to them. I bought them over thanksgiving sale at best buy. I bought 4 of these SS-CS3 floor speakers for my home theater. Added the center speaker Sony SS-CS8. Bought 4 Sony Atmos SSCSE, and hooked them up on the ceiling. Got a Definitive Technology subwoofer that goes through the subwoofer spectrum of human hearing frequency 20Hz - 20Khz. Then, I bought the Onkyo TX-NR787 receiver. Turns out TX-NR787 delivers 220 watts at 60hms and 100 watts at 80hms. Sony SS-CS3 speakers are 6 ohms. So, the home theater sounds amazing...I connected a UHL55 LED projector to this...And, the experience is phenomenol. I go to my home theater daily to listen to different music videos and movies and sounds. Its a great experience. People who saw and heard the system loved it....I wouldn't have written such a big review, but, for my love for these speakers.... Read More  Hide
From: California

Crisp clean sound

March 31, 2019
I purchased 6 for my 7.2 souroundsound system. Amazing sound when watching movies. Music comes alive,sounds like the band playing in my living room.
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