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From: Erie, PA, United States

Awesome Audio

November 28, 2016
I am impressed by the Awesome Audio from these speakers. I replaced speakers that were almost fourteen years that required a volume adjust between voice and other audio. If the voice was too low I had to raise the volume and then lower the volume for other audio and vice versa. With the Sony Speakers one setting for volume between voice and other audio is all that is required for watching movies. There are audio in previous viewed movies that I have never heard before. Great choice for Speakers!... Read More  Hide
From: Port St Lucie FL

Excellent performer

August 02, 2018
Bought this pair about a month ago to use in conjunction with my subwoofers. Very happy I did. They work very well with my two Sony 12 inch subwoofers. These towers exhibit excellent mid range and with the supertweeter along with the main tweeter have excellent treble response. Very satisfied with this purchase. Thank you.... Read More  Hide
Speaker 56

Excellent speaker

February 14, 2018
Great sound at a good price point. Combined with 5 surround sound speakers. TERRIFIC!
From: Burnsville,MN

Great Sound

September 29, 2018
I bought these speakers to improve the sound from my TV. With my Sony receiver they do a great job bringing movies and television shows to life.
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