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From: Edmonton

Love it

June 25, 2018
I really love my 24-70 and I use a lot because of the range. Sure, it's Ridiculous Expensive and I do think Sony need to review the price of it's lenses, specially because they are gib and heavy. But it's well made, I would love to have 3 hold buttons like my 70-200, on portrait the button doesn't really work because of it's position, but the build quality is amazing, the image quality it's outstanding, AF not to fast, could be better and should because of it's price, but it's good enough.... Read More  Hide
From: Vancouver BC

WHERE CAN BUY Lens Zoom Rubber Grip Ring

April 29, 2019
hey,sony,where to buy the Lens Zoom Rubber Grip Ring For Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM ? used this 2 year,but the zoom rubber Grip ring is very loose now
From: Hamilton, ON, Canada

Useless lens for useless camera

August 22, 2017
I didnt waste my money on this product but have handled it.