From: Louisiana

Great Headphones without the "Bud"

November 15, 2017
I personally don't care for headphones I have to push into my ear canals. I love these headphones because the speakers are not the typical earbuds. These speakers sit partially in my ear canals very comfortably, even if I apply pressure to push them in. I also like the ear loops. They secure the headphones in the correct position for me no matter what activity I'm doing (and that includes sleeping :)). There is a slight loss with sound quality because they have an open design, meaning, ambient noise can interfere with the sound. But in a quiet environment they sound fine to me. The bass can be fuddy depending on the note of the bass but most low, high and mid tones sound good. The one thing I'd like to make these better is have them come in a BT format with optional NC (i.e., noise-cancelling that can be turned on/off).