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From: Texas

Nice Camera but proprietary RAW file designation

December 31, 2016
I am disappointed and frustrated. Camera operation of this camera is NOT intuitive and I am a professional photographer. I am a Canon shooter so this is my first Sony, I think this is a great little camera but the manual is worse than awful. I finally had to go to YouTube to find out how to set manual mode. Next I set it up to download my RAW files to Lightroom and they cannot be read. I made sure Lightroom was up to date and it was. After checking on google I find that instead of making use of the camera's RAW files easy, these proprietary files can't be used in Lightroom or anywhere but Phase One. This adds a lot to my workload and file management. Thanks a lot, SONY, for nothing.... Read More  Hide
From: Portland, OR, United States

User friendly!

December 26, 2016
I wanted to purchase a nice camera to help with my anxiety. I usually stay at home al the time, but am in love with art and nature! so i got the camera in the hopes that it would motivate me to go out to take pictures out in the outside world! don't feel like a hermit anymore! so far its working out good! I've just never used a camera before so its a little confusing, But I'm determined to learn.... Read More  Hide