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From: Idaho, United States

Great sound!

June 19, 2017
Got a pair of these and so far I am very pleased with the sound quality, the bass is great, and crystal clear sound. Connected to my phone right out of the box. Had a pair of Beats x for a day and the crackled non stop, Dre needs to stick to making raps period. Thanks Sony 30 + years and still my choice for sound quality!... Read More  Hide
From: Denver, CO

Don't buy product broke and Sony won't fix

February 27, 2018
I've had these headphones for 7 months and while listening to music one side just fell off. I didn't abuse my headphones just from normal wear. It appears where they twist is a defective plastic piece. I wouldn't suggest buying these as they are not well made.... Read More  Hide
From: Wayne, MI, United States

Quality sound with wonderful features

December 11, 2017
Glad I purchased them high quality sound and very comfortable to wear I highly recommend these!
From: Upstate New York


January 07, 2018
These headphones are incredible. Stunning clarity, Bright tones from the highs to the lows, whether you are listening to classical music, rock, rap, EDM, or otherwise, these headphones will not dissapoint. Even at full volume there is no distortion in the lows or the highs. The mid tones come through bright and clear, making for an incredibly rich listening experience. The bass function is easily turned on and off through the press of a button, or adjusted from -10 to 10 through the mobile app. NFC connectability works seamlessly and they connect faster than any of my other bluetooth devices, making them truly convenient and wireless, as where I would usually just use the cord with previous bluetooth headphones because the connectivity would take a long time and skip or lag, however these to not, and the battery life LASTS FOREVER!!!! At mid/high volume I can easily get 3 full days of listening out of one charge, and when they do run out of juice, you can get to a medium level charge which will easily last the rest of the day from just ten minutes of charge time. Could not recommend these more for the price, they have truly professional sound, comfort, and noise cancellation is just a perfect balance for my needs, and I think most others would enjoy their features and quality as well. The build quality is also beautiful for a headset of this price range, with very thick and soft earcups allowing for long listening times with no discomfort. Give these headphones a try!... Read More  Hide
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