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From: L A, CA, United States

Worth the Price

July 26, 2017
the sound quality is as good as it gets, the bass boosting feature is awesome when you really wanna feel that bass power, noise cancelling is amazing and a must have if you're trying to immerse yourself in games or movies, and the design is simple and aesthetically pleasing, and the padding is super comfortable on the head. I also love using these when I workout because they connect to my phone with Bluetooth and the fact that they are wireless means no stupid hassle with cords like most headphones. I am 100% satisfied with these, I honestly couldn't have picked a better headphone.... Read More  Hide

Sony XB059N1

March 19, 2018
The biggest selling point about these headphones is in the title. The extra bass! There's definitely plenty of it to go around. The bass isn't over the top and obnoxious like the Skullcandy Crushers but more sculpted, defined, and packing a punch. If it's too much for you, you can use the app to adjust it to your liking, or press the Bass Effect button on the side to turn it off completely. If your looking for bass heavy cans, these will do you justice. The bass doesn't muddy up the other frequencies either. The mids and highs come in clear and your left with a clear, punchy, and 'fun' sound. Sound quality for me is great and listening to the music with these headphones is an overall enjoyable experience. However, the sound stage is a bit lacking compared to other headphones at this price point. You'll still be able to pick out instruments and locations, the distance between them isn't as wide as they could be though. It's a picky comment, but if your a picky person it deserves mentioning. These headphones are huge! Many reviewers state that you'll be able to see these guys in your peripherals and they're not entirely wrong. After the first couple of minutes though you barely notice them and its not even a problem. The pads themselves are pretty big as well but super comfortable. I have had listening sessions last for hours without the need for adjustment and wearing them in the gym didn't cause any overheating issues for me. I had no experience with ear fatigue, and that achy feeling around the jaw you get with some headphones was never present. They are made mostly with plastic, but feel very well made and I feel confident these won't break anytime soon under typical usage. The only complaint I have on the build isn't about the headphones themselves, but the case (or lack thereof) that comes with it. A cloth carrying pouch is included which is nice, but won't protect your investment if your throwing them in your gym bag or school bag. The buttons and the usage of said buttons are amazing. On the left ear cup you have the ability to turn the headphones on or off, as well as the Bass Effect, and the Noise Cancellation. On the right ear cup, you have a stick out button for playing and pausing, as well as pushing that button upwards for the next track or pushing the button downwards for the previous track. Bellow that button is the volume rocker. All these buttons, once your use to their locations, are easy to find, easy to use, and add to the enjoyable experience of these headphones. Once connected to the app, you can do one of two things. You can toggle the bass to your desired bass level, and turn the noise cancellation on or off. The noise cancellation works, not as well as the 1000x/MKII, but not as bad as some of the competition, like the Beats Studio 3's. The pads are big enough to cause a good amount of noise isolation and with the cancellation turned on, everything turns into a soft muffle. You aren't left entirely in a shell, but the surrounding sounds become quite difficult to make out. Once the music is turned on, that's all you'll be able to hear. Also, these guys get incredibly loud. The XB950N1 at 50% volume is everything elses 75-80% volume. Overall, I love these headphones. They are very comfortable and the sound signature is very "fun" and very punchy. The build quality is great and the button placements couldn't be better. If your a bass head or looking for a pair of headphones to steal you away to the music, these guys will not disappoint. However, if your more of an audiophile who needs to have the sound as neutral as possible, look elsewhere.... Read More  Hide

Loved headphones, but broke in less than a month.

January 07, 2019
I bought them less than a month ago and plastic broke that holds the ear muff. I never traveled with the headphones only used them at my desk. Sound was good for the price, app was easy to use. Loved them till they broke. But cannot recommend them due to lack of durability.... Read More  Hide
From: Miami, Florida

The good and bad

January 28, 2019
Great sound and great noise cancellation. That would give this product 5 stars. In less than one year the plastic holding the swivel ear cup cracked. Its only a matter of time till it falls off and the headphones are not usable. Life span of the headphones less than one year...unacceptable. Was going to get a Sony UHDTV but that is unlikely now.... Read More  Hide
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