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From: Florida

Love Sony but Not this Subwoofer

June 09, 2019
Bought the HT-CT290 Sound bar eleven months ago. Love love the sound quality for the great price. Love Sony products. HOWEVER so disappointed that one night the subwoofer would not power on. Was working perfect six hours prior. Performed all the basic trouble shooting. Yes: Wall outlet works. Checked the power button on the back. No change. Google research shows this is a far too common issue!! Trying to get in touch with Sony now. Have never had to exchange a Sony product in the past. Hopefully they seamlessly rectify this situation. I really need bass in my life!!! Just not the same without it!... Read More  Hide
From: California

Doesn’t last.

November 05, 2018
I bought this sound bar last November didn’t make a year old and the subwoofer had a issue wouldn’t turn on sent it out for repair through warranty still haven’t got it back. I’m not happy, I thought Sony was the way to go with good products but I guess I’ll be looking at other brands that will last I don’t recommend this product other people had the same issue. DONT BUY.... Read More  Hide
From: Branford, CT

Subwoofer failed in less than a year

December 07, 2018
I was really happy with this sound bar even though the subwoofer is not really powerful; but in less than a year the subwoofer stop working completely, it didn’t even turn on. The sound bar is now being service, let’s hope it last more than a year once is repaired.... Read More  Hide
From: Bethel Park, PA

Less than 7 months old and stopped turning on

June 24, 2019
I purchased this product November 26 and as of June 24 it has stopped turning on completely. My devices are protected by surge protectors, so there is no reason for it to stop working other than a poorly manufactured product. I've always liked Sony products but this one has not lived up to my expectations.... Read More  Hide
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