From: Honolulu, HI

Over achiever!

August 28, 2018
I've had this receiver in my home theater system for over two months now and although I've already written an earlier review on the Best Buy site where I purchased it, I feel compelled to write another follow-up review now that I've had more time using it. Just as I wrote in my first review, I couldn't be more impressed with this receiver! I can't tell you how many times I've found myself bewildered at how good a job this receiver does enveloping me with such realistic and explosive sound during movies. As I mentioned in my previous review, because of a broken remote and some other issues, I reluctantly replaced my Pioneer Elite SC 82 with this Sony "mid-range" unit and was preparing myself to be disappointed, expecting to have to return it to my local Best Buy store. Obviously that never happened. In my humble opinion, not only does this receiver sound more dynamic and offer up much clearer dialogue, I'm also hearing background detail that I never heard through my Pioneer. Same goes for listening to music through this Sony receiver. I find myself streaming Spotify, Amazon music or just plain YouTube stuff as background music as I get stuff done around the house. I never felt compelled to do this through my Pioneer as it never seemed to sound good. Let's be clear, it won't ever replace my several thousand dollar two channel system for music play back but I do find myself listening through the Sony unit more often out of convenience and because it's that good sounding! Btw, I recently purchased a Sony xbr 930e tv and I couldn't be more happy with this Sony product as well. All I can say is FANTASTIC JOB SONY at creating such outstanding products! At such an accessible price point the str1080 is a total over achiever!