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From: Waldorf, MD

I'm enjoying my New Sony Receiver

April 08, 2018
I bought this a month ago to replace an Old Sony receiver I bought in 2010. This upgrade I needed for my Sony 65 inck 4K television is exactly what I needed.
From: Jacksonville,Florida

Great Product

April 22, 2018
Happy Customer,love this product so much I wish I needed two
From: Charleston, WV

Perfect for what we needed

March 10, 2019
I actually replaced a Sony 1040 receiver with this because of upgrading our TV and Blu-Ray to 4K HDR. We use all Sony products except for our small surround system speakers which are Klipsch. I was concerned about going from top of the line to entry level, but all we have is a small 5.1 living room system. We suffered no loss of sound quality whatsoever and more power than we could ever need. Works perfectly with our Apple TV. Both picture and sound could not be better. Highly recommend this perfect little receiver!!!... Read More  Hide
From: Miami Beach, FL

Solid Receiver

June 01, 2018
Very happy with my purchase, I have had it for over a month now and I have to say both image and sound are amazing! Upgraded for the 4K TV and I use the Receiver to pass thru all my devices and wanted the full immersion of the 4K capabilities, so I upgraded and I am so glad I did.... Read More  Hide
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