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From: Perrysville, OH

An Affordable Reciever with 4k and HDR Pass-Throug

March 09, 2018
An awesome affordable receiver with 4K and HDR pass-through. All HDMI inputs are 2.2 compliant. Easy Set Up. Nice Power at 145W per channel. Have it hooked up as 2.1 - will expand to 5.1 soon (or 5.2 ). But no rush - has a Front Surround feature that really does make 2.1 sound like real surround. As long as this thing lasts - and it's heavy and built like a tank so it should - I couldn't be more happy with my purchase... Read More  Hide
From: San Diego

Bluetooth sounds great, it just works.

December 25, 2018
Sounds nice, works well. All I want from it. I highly recommend
From: Virginia Beach, VA

Bluetooth Headphones

May 03, 2019
Not pleased with lack of the ability to use Bluetooth wireless headphones. The STR-DH590 is described as being Bluetooth compatible. Your description on the receiver indicates that the receiver is Bluetooth compatible, but it is NOT compatible with Bluetooth headphone. I guess I will need to find another manufacture that puts out correct information on their products.... Read More  Hide
From: Camp Humphreys, Korea

Reciver is good but remote is another story

July 28, 2019
I bought a Sony receiver about 10 years ago and was great as I was able to connect everything to my receiver to everything and the remote could talk to everything and do all the functions I needed. This remote however is a big fail. We had to go out and buy another remote to combine all of my devices in to that remote. I wish they could at least sell a aftermarket remote that could do this task.... Read More  Hide
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