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From: <denmark

It sound wonderfuld

August 01, 2019
I bought it yesterday and i love this is much better than I expected. The only thing I miss is biggere speaker terminals and the opportunity to switch the antenna too a better one.
From: Ohio

Sony has a winner in this receiver

June 04, 2019
I just bought this from Best Buy, hooked it up to my old Polk Audio Monitor 70's and my Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones and I am amazed. Sony engineers really hit the jackpot with this little receiver. It sounds amazing. I positioned my big speakers in my direction, put rubber isolation pads underneath, made sure the wires are not touching anything and played music from Pandora. I really believe that this receiver is designed for Pandora listening using iPhone. I listed to Dave Brubeck, Joe Sample, Sarah Brightman, etc. and the sound quality compares with any high end receiver out there, including Denon and Onkyo. Good job Sony. You have me sold on this receiver. My only complaints is the speaker wire connectors, which should be able to take banana plugs. Other than this, there is no hookup to TV via optical or HDMI. But Bluetooth connection is instantaneous... Read More  Hide
From: Lansing, mich

Excellent performance and value

June 28, 2019
So nice to be able to still find a two channel receiver. I liked this receiver so well, I bought a pair of them. Very affordable. Understandably, a few corners need to be cut to keep the price low. The tone controls are only on the remote, so don't lose it. Perfect for my application. I'm not a 5.1 or 9.1 cinema person. Strictly music. Very pleased.... Read More  Hide
From: Albrightsville PA

Missing just 1 thing

June 19, 2019
I just bought one and it sounds and works well. It's missing just one thing. It would be perfect if it had a front mount USB plug to play from a flash drive.
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