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From: Dallas TX

Annoying sound delay

December 10, 2018
This setup causes an annoying sound delay and you are unable to adjust it out. Good sound and bass out of speakers but frustrating when the words don’t match people speaking.
From: ohio

not worth 600 dollars

September 10, 2018
I bought this to go with my new x850 65 inch matter what sound funtion button is pressed the sound is the same.a good 300 dollar soundbar but not a 600 dollar one.
From: Bluffton, SC

Good system but remote control Concerns

September 23, 2018
Just hooked this up with my 900F Sony 4K TV using HDMI/ARC connection. I also have my 900F hooked to my Cable Box via TVs HDMI1 port. For some reason a number of actions using the SB remote dont work, i.e. Display, changing the Pic mode to Cinema, etc., dont work. I realize some capabilities of the SB are not available w/o having a 4K input stream but not sure why some basic remote commands dont work or you see ALL the indicator lights flash. Cannot always see the indicator lights on top - would have preferred the lights to show partly down on the front/top of the SB.... Read More  Hide
Papa Bear
From: Mason, Ohio

Great sound

July 30, 2018
This Sony Soundbar has great sound. Furthermore, when listening to a British show, I can understand what the actors are saying. Before, I had to increase the volume so much in order to understand the actors that my wife complained about the sound.... Read More  Hide
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