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Krishna A
From: Alpharetta,GA

Best bang for the buck

April 25, 2018
Before ordering this product, I was little sceptical initially about the quality of it as the price was less. But after using this for more than a week, I realized that the product sounds premium for the price. Sound quality is good and perfect match for a TV. It sounded much better than my Bose 5.1 home theater in certain areas.As usual best quality by SONY.... Read More  Hide
From: Austin, TX

lip sync

April 06, 2019
Terrible!!! I spent $500 for this and the speakers and the TV lip sync don’t match with the people speaking. If I could return it I would!!!
From: Los Angeles CA

Great Soundbar!

July 10, 2019
Was looking all over for a new soundbar. Previously had a 5.1 vizio soundbar (VIZIO - SmartCast™ 38" 5.1-Channel Soundbar System with Subwoofer - Black) I liked the way the vizio sounded it was perfectly fine for me. I needed something simple not super crazy. I bought the soundbar to watch movies and play games. The reason i got a new soundbar was because i needed more HDMI inputs a pass through. My number one request is a 4K HDR pass through. I've seen the adapters and HDMI Hubs but trust me these do not pass full 4K HDR or dolby vision. The only solution was getting a soundbar that does that same. The reason why i went Sony is because i bought a Sony 930E 65in TV. We all know how great Sony works with one another so i decided to stick with Sony. I have had pretty good luck with them. I was nervous in the beginning not having dedicated back speakers. I'm used to the Vizio's 2 back Satellite speakers. Long story short. This is a great soundbar! I am literally in Awe of this soundbar. Playing a video game like God of War brings the game to life. Every sound and explosion just shakes the entire house. Amazing Sub and sound quality is superb. The HDMI pass through works great! I can control the soundbar and have a 4K UHD player connected. Both can be chosen and the soundbar, UHD player and TV can all be controlled through one remote! AMAZING how Sony works together. I would highly recommend this soundbar. The 2 back speakers of the Vizio did not matter when compared to this Sony soundbars vertical surround sound. Don't hesitate to get this soundbar you will not be disappointed!... Read More  Hide
From: Garden Grove, CA

Compatibility Issues with my OLED LG B8

July 13, 2019
Soundbar sound profiles like "Cinema" don't work. Entering modes other than "News" produces muffled sound. I don't want to watch movies on the "News" mode.
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