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From: Pomona ca


August 16, 2018
I also brought these in July, placed them on top of the front speakers(JBLs) ran the AccEQ room calibration, with some very minor adjustments after the calibration, I watched the first Paific Rim movie and WOW!! I was blown away, the sound was everywhere, it was like I was right in the middle of the action. I also watch Okja on Netflix;; that was a real Ear opener, great separation from all speakers. If you want to know if Dolby Atomos works try that movie! I enjoy these speakers and would definitely recommend to al!l... Read More  Hide
From: canada

Colour me impressed

August 21, 2018
These SSCSE sounds amazing i tryed them when i got them as a 2.1 with my other amp and the cover the sound really well they dont have heavy bass but they cover everything else and they can go loud on their own and as atmos speaker i think im cover i also like the different ways sony recommend them for atmos even in a way i havent even thought of the best part is the brackets thats included makes it so you can install them anywhere and the grill is not blocked by plastic going to be getting another pair for the side surround... Read More  Hide