From: Vancouver, BC

Best value for money!

March 04, 2019
I bought a7 iii about two months ago and I've been loving it since then. I had been using the Canon DSLR, crop sensor, and was thinking to upgrade to the full frame sensor. The dynamic range of Canon cameras are awful and I felt that even modern phone cameras have better colors than some of the Canon's entry-level to semi-pro DSLRs. My main reasons for choosing the a7 iii are IBIS, 10 fps, best in class eye-AF, amazing dynamic range (very close to that of Nikon D850), good bettery life and and excellent ISO range for low light shooting. All of these at a good price point made me buy this camera. However, a few downsides of choosing this camera are (i) You will have to buy very expensive Sony lenses now, (ii) Body grip isn't deep enought to hold it as comfortably as you could hold Nikon Z6 or Canon EOS R, (iii) Lens mount on the camera has a very low resistance to scratch so please have your lens mounted on the camera all the time if you can, (iv) Doesn't have fully articulated tilting screen with full touch functionality like a Canon's counterpart. Menu system in general is still confusing but you will get used to understand it better in few days. But again considering the price I am quite satisfied with all that a7 iii has offered.