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From: Coral Springs, FL

Holy %$#%!$*#! - What a camera!!

April 17, 2018
Avid Canon shooter for the last 10 years... this a7 is amazing.. Paired with a Sigma MS-11 and my Canon Glass ... perfect combination!
Sheila P
From: Cleveland, OH

Eye AF is a game changer, ISO is amazing

February 07, 2019
Have been very happy with it overall, so far. The A7III is my primary wedding camera, with an A6300 as my back up. (Also have a second A6300 converted to infrared.) The main reason for updating my camera equipment was the Eye AF. My previous equipment had a marked tendency to lock autofocus on a high contrast background, rather than on people's faces. Obviously, for a portrait and wedding photographer, this was problematic at times, and potentially disastrous. Having Sony's eye tracking AF is an amazing improvement, to be sure. I do wish the A7III did not require the extra pushing of a button to engage the feature. That is one thing that is a bit of a disappointment, and actually the ONLY fault I have with this terrific camera. The focus is SO FAST, and the high ISO capability is nothing short of amazing. The compact body is still substantial, feels solid in the hand, but not bulky. I love the tilt screen and have used it multiple times to shoot a group of people on the dance floor from overhead. For sports shooters, the high ISO capability allows you to use faster shutter speeds to get the fast action shots, and the subject tracking does very well there, too. The menus can be a bit intimidating as they are so in-depth, but necessary in order for the camera to have such immense capability for customization. Perhaps Sony will do a software update at some point, so that the Eye AF can be engaged all the time? We can hope! And then this camera would be absolutely PERFECT. It's pretty close now!... Read More  Hide
From: Nuevo Casas Grandes

very good!

March 27, 2019
I took these photos in January of the eclipse and my hometown
From: Alameda, CA.

Brutal Design, Beautiful Output

January 13, 2019
I bought this camera about a week ago, the A7iii is a major step up in many ways and step down in others. Still image quality and Autofocus capability are in another league compared to most other cameras I've used. These were the primary reasons I made the switch and I couldn't be happier. The biggest issue with the A7iii is a slight lagginess in physical control responsiveness. It's a nit pick to be sure, but it's lends to a very slight feeling of disconnected-ness from the act of taking a picture. The A7iii functions wonderfully but the physical act of turning the front and rear dials, pressing buttons, or adjusting the EV dial lags in responsiveness to what you see on screen. The concerns about the menu system being overcomplicated are exaggerated in my opinion. The features of this camera are complex and I really appreciate the ability to super customize the camera to my needs. Perhaps, adding some more explanation about what some of the features in the menu are would help. In the end, the quality of the image is all that really matters and the A7iii allows me to create the images I want to create with a higher rate of success than any other camera I've ever owned. Thank you, Sony for putting a camera of this capability within my reach.... Read More  Hide
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