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A7III Owner
From: Normal, IL

Amazing Camera by Sony

April 19, 2018
This camera is all around an amazing value, Sony has done a great job making it such a premium camera at a great price. The silent shooting, joystick and burst capabilities make this such a worthwhile upgrade coming from an older crop body. I couldn't get a camera near as good of a value in the full frame form factor from any other brand, maybe unless I wanted to switch to Pentax. If Sony keeps it up they will be the top dogs in a few years as DSLRs wane in popularity and people want the latest and greatest in sensor technology. I'm glad I switched from Canon years ago to the E-Mount Alpha series and haven't wanted to look back since.... Read More  Hide
Mr Don
From: Brooklyn ny

eye tracking

April 20, 2018
Tanner Moss
From: mobile,Al

amazing camera

May 01, 2019
amazing camera I love it the features are wonderful .
Robert Paulson
From: New York, NY

Okay. Needs Re-Design / Upgrade

June 23, 2019
This camera is good. However, it doesn't focus well on small objects, the body is too small (there's no place for your pink, which feels unstable), and the menu is way, way too big and complex. As a former Canon enthusiast, the complexity of this camera makes me want to throw it off the mountain sometimes! I want to be able to quickly change between modes/color schemes without having to change a million settings and/or do a million calculations in my head. The camera is good, but its got a long way to go before its great. Also, the cost for sony lenses is way overpriced, and needs to come down 20% before I would be willing to keep this camera. Who knows, maybe in 1-2 years they'll finally have fixed the problems? I sure hope so, because there's tons of potential for this camera...just wouldn't buy at this time.... Read More  Hide
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