From: Miami, Florida

Great Color Rendition and Detail

November 28, 2018
Many of the reviews have emphasized the zoom lens and the great video quality. As a professional still photographer, I rarely use video. The 24mm to 200mm has proven to be quite useful when shooting urban landscapes, but what I am really blown away by is the sharpness of the photographs (there seems little to no difference between the 24 megapixel ASP-C sensor and this 20.1 1" sensor) and the color rendition. I shoot RAW, and I have noticed I make very view adjustments to color in Lightroom. The noise is also very light even at ISO 1000, which I shoot below as much as possible. The blues, yellows, and reds are particularly good. Yes, the camera is expensive, but it so portable. Because of the image quality, I feel less guilty leaving my full frame at home when I am out and about and want a serious camera with me at all times.