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From: Toronto, CA

Sony WH-1000XM3 Best NC Headphone

September 20, 2018
I did tremendous amount of research before deciding on Sony (vs. Bose / Beats / Plantronics...etc). I was delighted to have the chance to purchase the XM3 when they first came out at Bay Bloor Radio (wonderful shop). I have listened to it for a few days and all my songs are played beautifully with good sound stage and exceptional noise cancelling. I am glad for this purchase. Good job Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Victoria, BC


May 14, 2020
I’ve worn these twice and they give me such terrible migraines. Hopefully I can return them to Best Buy or Sony directly.
From: Vancouver

1 of the best B/T N/C headphones on market

January 07, 2019
Overall, the product is well made all around except a set of grooves could be placed on the right earphone to allow more accurate touch control. Excellent battery life, noise cancelling and pre-set equalizer settings for the WH-1000MX3.
From: Toronto, ON

the best headphones ever

January 12, 2019
Sound, comfort, design and battery are just amazing, nothing even close to these headphones
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