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From: Toronto, CA

Sony WH-1000XM3 Best NC Headphone

September 20, 2018
I did tremendous amount of research before deciding on Sony (vs. Bose / Beats / Plantronics...etc). I was delighted to have the chance to purchase the XM3 when they first came out at Bay Bloor Radio (wonderful shop). I have listened to it for a few days and all my songs are played beautifully with good sound stage and exceptional noise cancelling. I am glad for this purchase. Good job Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Vancouver

1 of the best B/T N/C headphones on market

January 07, 2019
Overall, the product is well made all around except a set of grooves could be placed on the right earphone to allow more accurate touch control. Excellent battery life, noise cancelling and pre-set equalizer settings for the WH-1000MX3.
From: Toronto, ON

the best headphones ever

January 12, 2019
Sound, comfort, design and battery are just amazing, nothing even close to these headphones
Frank Fqd
From: Edmonton, AB

Good with flaws

February 22, 2019
If you want good noise cancelling with good sound, this is the best headphone to get. I tried the QC35 and they can not compete with Sony in the sound department. Bose sounds muddy with bass overpowering everything whereas Sony sounds clean with punchy bass. However, XM3 have some obvious rooms for improvement. 1. Cold weather touch controls: touch controls will behave erratically. You are better off avoiding using this outdoors in winter 2. Multi-Device Connection: still only connects to 1 device. You need to disconnect from your first device before the headphone connects to another. 3. Cracking noise: the headband around the headphone hinges makes cracking sounds. This can signal problems in long term longevity. 4. Adaptable sound control: Reaction time is slow and requires location service at all times which drains phone battery. I only used it once. Seems like an unnecessary feature that don't add much value. In other words, Sony will need to solve some of these problems if they want to sit comfortably on the noise cancelling throne. If competitors can improve their sound (Bose) or improve their noise cancelling (Audio Technica, AKG, Sennheiser), Sony might be in trouble.... Read More  Hide
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