From: Austin, TX

This is my first 4K TV and it's like I've never wa

October 09, 2018
I purchased this after reading many, many reviews of this and other televisions. The super particular crowd will complain about the blooming and the lack of zones and how the blacks are not "inky black." It's true. There are less zones than on the Z9D. There is more blooming than the Z9D. The blacks aren't as "inky." Also... this TV blows away everything I've used up until this point. Do I wish they had used the Backlight Master Drive system of the previous flagship model? Yes. But in real world terms I barely notice the blooming. The black levels are better than when you go to the theater. And the natural colors of this tv.... the upscaling capability... the brightness... the off angle viewing... the tiny input lag for gaming... the responsive Google TV interface... the voice control... the Google assistant... the eARC... the Dolby Vision support... the full bandwidth HDMI 2.0b ports... the minimal bezels... the just general awesomeness... should make anybody but the most particular among us happy. I ruled out OLED because I game. And no matter what people tell you about it will burn in or it won't burn in... I didn't even want to bother. Also, seeing this tv side by side with the A9F, showing Best Buy's loop of night video panning across Las Vegas... I can tell you, for certain this TV does not get as black as the A9F OLED. But I can also tell you that you see more detail in those dark scenes. They are dark enough. And the pick up of detail makes up for the lack of pure, deep space darkness. If your heart is set on the blackest of blacks... then go OLED. Otherwise, this tv makes me quite happy. I upgraded from a 10 year old Samsung LN52650. The difference is astounding. I turned on my PS4 and was mouth agape. From the menu system. I kid you not. This TV made the menu system on my PS4 look so good I didn't even recognize it. The MENU!