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From: Modesto, CA

A Clever Technology

December 20, 2018
It’s perfectly made and there’s some really clever technology incorporated. It delivers an immensely likeable sound, one that combines clarity and subtlety superbly.
From: Mainz

Totally worth it.

September 23, 2018
After my dad got Despacito and some german rap songs on cassette as a birthday present, we could finally listen to it after purchasing this piece of art. Sound pretty nice with the "EXTRA EXTREME BASS" headphones I found on the street last month. I recommend!... Read More  Hide
From: Maine

I the look of the dmp z1 digital music player

January 10, 2019
I think that dmp z1 music player should support pcm f64bit 384hz and it should have dual micro sd card slot with support for 14tb.