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From: Virginia

Great camera for Youtube!!

May 16, 2019
I bought this camera for youtube and it's fabulous!! Really fast AF and flip screen is best !!
From: San Diego

Loving the 6400 but I have a few minor complaints

March 10, 2019
I bought the Sony Alpha 6400 with the 16-50mm lens. It is very portable, super light, fits in my pockets and does ALMOST everything I want it to do. It has THE MOST AMAZING, BEST IN THE WORLD AUTO FOCUS! Very clear, pretty shots (you will need better lenses later on, as the 16-50mm kit lens is not very good in low light situations), the 4K and 1080p video options are awesome. This Alpha 6400 does NOT have in body stabilization, so buy a gimbal or use Sony OSS lenses to help with hand held video recording or else your videos will be shaky. I also wish I could articulate the built in flash to stay in one position like facing up to bounce the flash light off the ceiling, I can use my finger to pull it back and up but if my finger covers the EVF (electronic view finder), the EVF will kick in and I cannot see my shot on the touchscreen anymore. I am sad I have to buy a cage to fit an external microphone a few slots over because placing anything on the hot shoe will block the video screen that flips up for selfies. Sony definitely needs to address this issue on the next camera so that the video screen flips out like with the Canon and Panasonic cameras, but I can live with a small rig cage accessory on my camera when I go vlogging with this. Also, I would like USB-C instead of micro-USB, no real excuse not to include USB-C in 2019. I am very excited to have this camera with me. Good job, Sony!... Read More  Hide
From: Chicago, IL

Great feautures!

August 31, 2019
I love all the features in the camera. Photos and videos are high quality.
From: AL

Totally cool

October 02, 2019
Its a so clear and beautiful awesome camera This is my first camera but really cool! I strongly recommended.
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