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From: Tucson,AZ

Wonderful screen, great features, Programming ??

March 05, 2019
Excited to get the new a6400. It has some fantastic features. But this is not an out of the box camera. You have to program camera but first figure out how to, then make sure your lens are the latest version. Then set up "MY MENU" so you can find things again. The power cord is a mini, so need to buy longer cord and extra battery and wall charger right away. And buy a Peak Design camera stray ASAP. As for photos FANTASTIC... Read More  Hide
From: Staten Island ny

The best of the best Sony camera a6400

June 06, 2019
What can I say I’m new on Sony camera and I Took some research and got the Sony a6400 with E pz 18-105 lens and I really love it good job Sony
Neal Owen
From: Portland

Best of the APS-C camera out there!

July 06, 2019
It's perfect! Compact build I'm really impressed with the AF of the camera. Fast focus images, videos are very good. I never regret that I bought this camera.

Not as Sharp as A6000

June 14, 2019
I may have gotten a dud, but my camera is not as sharp as my old a6000. Unfortunately I discovered this too late as I started using it in place of the a6000. After a year I had need to use both at the same time and discovered the sharpness issue. It might be due to a glossy section in the mount where it looks like it was not coated with the same stuff that the rest of it was. Maybe light is reflecting weirdly giving it a softer look. If your coming from the a6000 be sure to compare the new model to it. Otherwise, the features on the a6500 are superior.... Read More  Hide