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From: Hattiesburg, MS

Not loud enough, cant raise treble, so don't buy.

June 16, 2019
My 10 year old phillips sound bar is wayyy louder and was only $100. If 10 was a max volume, than this soundbar tops out at a 7. Will be returning this thing in the morning. Sad.
From: Fremont, CA

Excellent woofer with crisp highs!

November 30, 2019
Bought this Thanksgiving 2019 at what is practically a steal - cheaper than Samsung QRs, JBL 3.1s... compared at local BestBuy and loved the Sony. I prefer this for movies and game - the heavy bass is to my personal inclination but what is surprising how it holds mids and highs. I love the HT-S350 - Sony to my surprise pulled off a gem here.. dont overpay and give this a try!!... Read More  Hide
From: Logan, Utah

Seems Good

August 06, 2019
I recieved the sony HT-S350 as a gift 2 weeks ago. It seems to work good and I do like how clear the voices are.
From: Chicago, IL

Great sound

November 30, 2019
The sound qulity is great and have no regrets. It is also very loud.
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