From: Fresno, California

Good sound quality

October 15, 2019
Recently purchased this on 10/12, came in on 10/14 via Amazon. Man where do I start, these headphones are extremely good. The bass, which is what I was in the market for is phenomenal. Lows, Mids, and highs are crisp and are always present. I am a bass head, and have a passion for hip-hop and rap. These headphones out beat almost anything in the market. The model i had before were the Sony MDR-XB950BT and those were also great in performance, structure wise they lacked. The hinges broke, and parts were over exaggeratingly overpriced. There is some reasons towards getting the Sony WH-XB900N; you can wear these for hours and your head will not hurt, there is no clamping force of any sort. Your ears will fit inside the ear cups with no sort of force. If you have a big head like me, these are not a problem, they are almost a universal fit for most sizes. The technology that you also purchase with the headphone is also worth it. You are also recommended to download an app from Sony to get the best experience possible. With it you can adjust bass, effects, adjust sound quality over connection or vice versa. It also shows you your headphone charge, and adaptive sound control. With adaptive sound control enabled, the headphones detect your surroundings and adjust themselves so you can hear what's going on around you. If you're out in the public, it will allow outside noise to be heard. And if you're in a quiet space, it will block out all sounds. Personally i think that is cool. You also get Google assistance, and Alexa integrated in the headphones themselves. If you speak another language these headphones should recognize the language you're speaking and respond in that language. I know it works with Spanish, I've opened applications with voice commands in both English and Spanish. If you press the assistance button on your left, you will be told if you have any notifications, the time, and battery status on the headset. The right headset has Swipe controls, and they have replaced physical buttons, so up and down for volume, left and right for skipping or repeat. Double tap for play and pause. Also if you cover the right side, you will be able to hear outside noise. These headphones use type-c charger chord for a faster charge. Battery life is very good, providing 30 hours of play time on a full charge. Also include is 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Both ends are 3.5mm. These headphones are worth it, and if you're a bass head and like bass heavy songs of any genre, these are for you. I recommend it.