From: Vancouver

Love them except wrong charging cord need type C

July 24, 2020
Bought this a few weeks ago. Love them until battery died. Went to recharge and its the wrong cord in the box. Thankfully my phone charger seems to work. So not sure how that happened!?!
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Excexice feedback sounds during phone call

September 04, 2019
Two weeks ago I bought two head phones (WIC200 AND WIC310L) both only works for listening, during the calls the feedback sounds in the headphones is very loud I can ear my own words and sounds around me y try to down the volume but it doesn´t work
From: Toronto

Stopped working

November 10, 2019
I bought this exactly 22 days ago and it has stopped working today. Although the battery charges fully, I am literally unable to connect it to my phone or any other device. It refuses to even show up in my smartphone screen, which was paired with its bluetooth since day-1 and been working well so far. Not sure, who to reach out for replacement or repair under warranty, since I bought this from an authorized Sony dealer at Delhi International Airport and now reside in Toronto.... Read More  Hide