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Disappointed in Illinois
From: Illinois

It keeps disconnecting

March 10, 2020
Purchased the headphones last week through Amazon. The headphone will work for about 10 minutes or so and then disconnect from Bluetooth. I turn it off and restart it and it works fine for a few more minutes. It is fully charged. I can’t find any troubleshooting help on the Sony site. Not happy... Read More  Hide
From: Saint Marys, Ohio

Works Amazing, Bass is Amazing!!!

January 02, 2020
I got a pair of these from my pa for XMAS this year, and was not disappointed at all, what so ever!!!
From: Milwaukee, WI

Good Sound quality, clunky design

April 25, 2020
I go through headphones a lot because I use them while landscaping. The hardest part is finding a bluetooth head phone that is light weight and doesn't fall out of my ear easily. These are good for moderate activity but you cant move around to well because of the battery packs dangling around. I wish the length of the cord was adjustable. Also, the bass is meh for what I was expecting but it was there.... Read More  Hide