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From: WA

Slim style, wireless headphones, they are great!!

November 23, 2020
I have really been loving these wireless headphones. They are lightweight, and aren't uncomfortable to wear. They have the cushion so they don't hurt my ears. I've been using these wireless headphones to watch videos, listen to music and I've even had several phone conversations. These are a slim style of headphones. They don't feel big and bulky at all to me. I like the fact that I can put these on and multi-task. For example my friend called, when I was about to start washing dishes. I put the headphones on, and proceeded to wash dishes while having a conversation with her that lasted about 20 minutes. Now there was some echoing for me, but no echoing on her end she heard me clear. When talking to my sister it wasn't too clear on her end, but when I hung up and called her back the quality of the call was much better. So that may have been my phone signal, but not for sure. These were easy to pair with all of my devices, laptop, ipad, and android phone. Battery life has been great. On the right side of the headphones you have easy access to volume controls. I don't find it difficult at all to either raise or lower the volume on the headphones. Of course you can also control the volume from the actual device you are using, like your phone. I have a small head, and I don't have any trouble keeping these on. They stay on really well, and are adjustable if needed. With the exception of sometimes having echoing with phone calls I have had good quality sound when either watching videos or listening to music. I really do like how these fit, feel, and sound. I'm most excited that I can have a phone conversation with these wireless headphones, no dangling wires to worry about plus I'm handsfree yay! Definitely recommend these. The volume controls can also be used to answer calls, plus forward to the next song or pause when listening to music.... Read More  Hide
From: Milwaukee, WI

Comfortable, but don't work

February 02, 2020
The bluetooth does not stay connected. It loosed connection after about 5-10 mins.
From: California


May 16, 2020
Customer was good, and the product so far it comfortable land easy to install.
From: Corcoran, California


May 22, 2020
Purchased the "Sony-WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones" and didn't meet my expectations. I expected the microphone to pick-up on my voice and it to be clear to the other person as if i am speaking on my phone. Also hear an echo when speaking.