From: Toronto, Canada

The Best Sound But Limited to Phones

August 27, 2019
This is the best sounding audio device that I have ever listened to with crystal clear sound, great volume across the frequency spectrum, okay sound stage, and excellent active noise cancellation given the small size of these earphones. The main issues for me that hold back these earphones from being an excellent product are the following: 1) Siri on iPhone takes a long time to activate, requiring a 3'ish second button hold followed by another 3 seconds for Siri to actually start listening. I suspect that the first delay is merely to prevent you from accidentally activating Siri, and the second delay is because they're just emulating the button press & hold on the phone. 2) These do not work consistently on Windows PC. I cannot get them to work pretty much at all on a Surface Pro 4, including after the August 27, 2019, firmware update that was supposed to fix Windows connectivity issues. If this is a must-have feature for you like it is for me, this is an absolute deal-breaker. In conclusion, if all you need are truly wireless earphones for your phone and only your phone, these are possibly the best ones that you can buy today. If you would also like to use them on your computer, however, stay away from these as they do not seem to work on PC as of August 27, 2019.