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From: Texas

Innovative technology and quality products

August 23, 2019
This is my third RX100 compact camara, I love the portability and all the new almost professional options available, very happy to own this last VII version!
From: Orleans, Cape Cod

Unbelievable, so many features and so well made.

October 03, 2019
I bought this from Amazon 3 days ago and can't believe all of the features and how will built the body is. I also own the A7r III and find the menu system in both to be so similar. When I can't carry the A7r iii on long walking trips I now have a very similar camera that is so easy to cary and that mirrors the larger full frame camera.... Read More  Hide
From: Henderson,NV

It does it all

November 04, 2019
Bought it to add to my Sony collection of cameras and this by no means is the very best I’ve ever had
From: South Salem, NY

First Impressions

August 21, 2019
Extremely cheap packaging. The camera is made in China (big disappointment for a premium product at this price point). The camera doesn't necessarily come with a charger but rather a cable to plug your camera to ( not a big deal just buy a triple charger with 2 extra batteries on amazon for $29 and you are good to go). The instructions are non existent ( single page is all you get). The app that allows you to control the cam and utilize other features is absolutely unusable. It requires a lot of tinkering to understand how to make the eye tracking work. Don't even think about utilizing 4k video unless you buy a UHS I - 3 sd card. It will not work with the older ones, not at those speeds. It is a tiny camera with a lot of features and an absolutely astounding fps shooting abilities that will take more than one day to give adequate review to but amount of noise in low light conditions is a bit much ( I have yet to tinker with iso so it might not be an issue once you properly set all the setting). So 3 takeaways : 1. No manual to speak of 2. Buy UHS I or higher SD card 3. Get extra batteries with a charger because the camera doesn't come with a conventional charger.... Read More  Hide
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