From: Central Pennsylvania

My Eyes Have Been Opened!

February 23, 2020
As a working photojournalist in the off-road industry, I've spent many years working with digital cameras. Truth be told, I'm a "Nikon Guy" with all of the professional Nikon gear you could ever want. I was in the market for a camera that was portable and made the process of shooting video content simple and quick, with outstanding quality. I toyed with the Nikon mirrorless offerings and honestly wasn't that impressed. A friend turned me onto the RX100 platform and since then, it has been an amazing purchase. The eye detection in video mode is better than anything I've ever used. No drama. No crazy setup. It just works! The addition of the external microphone port makes it an even greater camera, since I already had a few other high quality external microphones to use. I'm beyond impressed with this camera. I never considered moving to a Sony mirrorless DSLR before....but this new Mark 7 is making me seriously consider abandoning ship and heading to Sony for good!