From: Vancouver, BC

Worth the wait! These are the real deal!

August 19, 2020
I have been waiting for the update to the WF-1000XM3s for the longest time, and that day finally arrived. So worth the wait! The comfort, amazing sound, excellent noise cancelling, plus the added features such as automatic pause when you take the headphones off, speak to chat, and multiple device pairing are excellent! And the call quality is actually very good! (Much better than what I’ve experienced with friends calling me using the XM3s). Well worth the money. You will not regret buying a pair.... Read More  Hide
From: Winnipeg Mb

it like hearing the music all over again

September 26, 2020
I lost my Bose ( 4 yr old) this spring and been researching a replacement. Although expensive the Sony WH-1000/4. I am hearing music at a new level the headphones are worth every penny. The sound quality is amazing
From: vancouver BC

Tops in this $ range by far!!

July 21, 2021
The features, quality of construction, and superb technology involved in these H.phones are so perfectly done you can’t help but fall in love. So happy with this product and sony in general for staying true to greatness in audio/visual supremacy!!!... Read More  Hide

Connecting Phone and Computer has issues

November 18, 2020
When connecting a Phone and Computer at the same time, the apps set the Computer as default music and video player, so when trying to see Youtube or other music app on the phone it doesnt work unless you disconnect the Computer, I think you can fix that setting an option (Device by default) in the Device Currently Being Connected section, Hope you will fix that soon... Read More  Hide
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