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From: Hamilton, OH

Needs improvement

February 21, 2011
Battery is large, relatively heavy, and requires a special charger. It has respectable life when freshly charged but loses charge rapidly during storage. I can't store the freshly-charged battery for ~1 month without complete drain. VERY unreliable for the cost.... Read More  Hide
From: Maryland

Battery Life NEX cameras

September 19, 2012
I have a NEX 5K for a year now. Purchased an extra battery soon after getting the camera. Just returned from 3 week in Africa and prior to leaving purchased another battery. This gave me 2 while on game drives and one back in camp charging. Most of the time, the battery lasted for 8 hours of of the 2 game drives. Only twice did I have to swap batteries during a game drive. No power at night to charge the batteries. Most of my photography is stills not movies. No matter what camera you own, digital photography uses battery power. One should have no less than 2 batteries to insure you have power during your days picture taking.... Read More  Hide

Turn off Wi-Fi to extend battery life.

July 21, 2015
I bought my a6000 in 2015. I was looking for a light weight camera that could take great pictures. I soon realized that a single charge did not last very long. I could only get about 2 hours from the battery. After watching a Gary Fong video, I learned you can extend the battery life by putting the camera in Airplane mode. This will turn off the Wi-Fi. the Wi-Fi uses the battery to search for network connections.... Read More  Hide
From: Wichita, KS

right battery for the wrong camera or vice versa

July 19, 2011
I was forced to buy this battery for my alpha 55 SLT camera, since the battery that came with the camera lasted on for approx 400 shots (this was as mentioned by sony, no surprises) with 18-55 kit lens. I was going on a vacation and was not sure if I would have the option to recharge the battery regularly. The other features of the camera were nice so I just didn't care much about the battery life at that time. I am repenting now!! Now, with the new 70400G lens which I have purchased, the battery lasts hardly for 200 shots!!!!! Its my bad. I didn't give enough consideration to battery life. This is a good battery for point and shoot cameras BUT not for SLR/SLT/NEX cameras!! Please make note of this, before deciding to buy these cameras!!! I am learning it the hard way I have heard that sony is coming up with new models in the near future which have a different battery and give excellent battery life. But I am screwed!! After so much investment I can't even go to a different brand ($1000 for camera+$1600 for lens$80 for battery)... Read More  Hide
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