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From: Canton, OH

Too Small

March 25, 2019
These batteries just don't last. You have to purchase a handful of them if you want to shoot all day. Which I'm sure is what Sony intended in the first place being the ridiculous, up-sell company they are. The A7RII eats them up twice as fast as my A6000. And the price???!!! What a rip off.... Read More  Hide
From: Austin, TX

Dead out of the box and wouldn't charge

April 15, 2019
This battery came with a brand new SONY A6000 camera (which, by the way, is fantastic). I had two Vivitar batteries from my SONY A5100, so I was using them exclusively as I kept this battery in the box as a backup. The other day, I had run down both Vivitar batteries, so I thought it's time to use the new SONY battery that came with my A6000. It would not charge at all. I don't know if SONY would honor sending me a new one, but really disappointed that the OEM battery doesn't work at all, but spin-offs (by Vivitar no less) are the workhorses for my camera. Hoping someone from SONY sees this and will offer a solution. Dead out of the box is not something I'd expect. On a positive, highly recommend the A6000 and above. I have been taking a lot of fantastic pictures with that camera.... Read More  Hide
The opticist
From: Boulder, CO, United States


August 12, 2017
Battery has a hologram with a bunch of numbers and the word Sony. But if you orient it correctly you see a big, bold L facing you. Rotate it to the left (clockwise), and you see a big R. That R sort of falsifies the hypothesis that the L stands for Low - what do the letters mean?... Read More  Hide