From: Long Island, NY

Make sure you test it out

June 19, 2014
I ordered this lens from two different distributors. There was a monumental difference between the two. Obviously it didn't have anything to do with who sold it. They didn't manufacture it. The poor lens was soft all around. Seemed to have a focusing issue. Here's what you need to look for and expect with this lens. The better one, which I'm keeping, is unbelievably sharp when cropped to full size. It is hard to tell the difference between F5.6 and F8. That is a great feature because most lenses, including primes, need to be stopped down to obtain good clarity. It seems to nail the focus more consistently at 300mm than at 400mm. It is also "slightly" sharper at 300mm. I cropped the 300mm pics to the same size as the 400mm and 7/10 times they actually looked better. Now don't be mistaken. The 400mm shots were still as great. But some of the 300mm shots were just incredible. I cropped them as much as my computer allowed and they were still sharp. btw- the bokeh is creamy smooth on the good lens and completely harsh and jagged on the bad one. Yes, it's a little disappointing there can be that much of a difference between the lenses. One more exciting bit of info. My camera is the A58. This lens can only be better on the A99. Can't speak for the A77 since the image quality on the A58 is actually a little better per the online reviews. The purpose of this review is to let you know to expect greatness in this lens. If it doesn't "wow" you then return it and get another one. When you get one that performs the way it's supposed to, you will be smiling every day you use it. All of the other negatives such as the weight and flimsy hood will mean nothing when you see the pictures.... Read More  Hide
From: Bonney lake,Wa


August 03, 2013
This is the best 70-400mm lens in the market. The focus is sharp even with full aperture at 400mm ,no another lens can compare. The G2 is much faster AF and less hunt . The contrast , sharpness and bokeh same better than the previous one too.I highly recommend this lens for serious wildlife and bird photography.Love the lens and finishing. I think Sony ask a very reasonable price for that upgrade super fast lens.... Read More  Hide
From: Dawsonville, GA

Great Lens

April 29, 2014
This lens has the reach, sharpness, and bokeh that I wanted to compliment my Zeiss 24-70 for my a99. The two lenses effectively give me a range of 24 to 400 with two of the finest lenses in the market place today, bar none. The 70-400 is quick to focus, produces wonderful color and is a quality build. I would highly recommend this lens.... Read More  Hide
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From: Wheeling, WV

Super fast Super sharp

August 16, 2013
I had the first version. The difference in the speed and accuracy of focusing between version one and two is monumental. The first version was good until compared to this lens. This autofocus is scary fast and there is no hunting. The autofocus is whisper quiet as well. I would say this lens is faster in the focusing department than my 24-70 CZ. The sharpness is amazing throughout the entire zoom spectrum. I liked version one but I love version 2.. If this is any indication what the new 70-200/2.8 G is going to be like then I am ready to trade up to that lens as well. This lens will be used for many sporting events and wild life shooting. On my 99 I will even give it a shot with some inside sports work but we shall see. That is the only limitation with this otherwise perfect lens. It's a little slow at the high end of the zoom for poorly lit inside sporting event. But during the day this lens is a gem.... Read More  Hide
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