From: Bozeman, MT

Finally a long zoom for Sony!

August 16, 2019
This lens just came out, and I have just had it a few days, but I am so excited to review it! I am coming from the Sigma 150-600c with the MC-11 converter, which worked well, but was very slow to focus, and missed focus much of the time. As a wildlife shooter this meant many lost moments. I love Sony cameras, but was jealous of friends that had fast focusing lenses at over 400mm. I am using the 200-600 on my a6500, and it is night and day! The autofocus speed feels just as fast as my Sony 24-240 lens, which is to say, really fast. It is also silent, I can't believe it can move that much glass so fast without making a noise! I didn't know what to expect out of the all internal zoom, but it improves balance over the Sigma noticeably. The lens also feels lighter than the Sigma, even though it is spec'd a bit heavier. I was pleased with the Sigma's image quality, but this is another level. Sony hit it out of the park with this one! I've been wanting a Sony native extreme tele zoom for years, and couldn't be happier!... Read More  Hide
From: Bay Area, CA

Ease of operation!

August 17, 2019
I replaced my GM 100-400 with this lens. Might be a lesser quality image, but it is so much more fun to use this lens. Smooth, modern zooming process (internal lens zooming), sharp and just a pleasure to use!
Ross G
From: Plantation, Fl.

Sony hit a home run with this lens.

August 22, 2019
Every since I changed over from my a-mount cameras to e-mount this is the lens that I have been waiting for. It has very fast AF and great sharpness. I am a wildlife photographer and this lens fits right in with my FE 100-400GM. I am using the 200-600G on my A9 and this is a killer combination. I will highly recommend this lens.... Read More  Hide
Low country Frank
From: Bluffton, SC

Excellent Lens

September 12, 2019
Bought it a month ago and very happy with the lenses performance. Great pictures and the lens features are outstanding. It’s a little heavier than I’m used to but I am very happy with the overall package.
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