From: Quezon City, Philippines

Appreciable lens for appreciable price

October 17, 2019
I was looking for the 400mm 2.8 or the 600mm f4 but found out that it is a pre ordered thing. Bought this lens in Singapore instead 4 days ago but was hesitant that it will satisfy me...and it did after taking some photos to a nearby bird park.
Nancy 474
From: denver, co

If it were only perfect!

February 01, 2020
I bought my lens in November, but couldn't find an a9II camera to buy until a month later. So it took a while for me to get to use the lens. At first I used the camera and lens hand held and was pretty happy. But when I tried to attach it to my tripod, it seemed I couldn't tighten things up enough to hold it perfectly steady. It wasn't until I got a Really Right Stuff (RRS) lens foot (LCF-102) to attach lens to the tripod that I realized it was the lens attachment apparatus' problem, not my tightening. The attachment for the the Sony foot to the lens collar didn't fit well. And it didn't fit well with the RRS foot either. We attached both my Sony foot and my RRS foot to my husband's new Sony 200-600mm lens. Each one worked perfectly. No play or wiggle. It was then that I realized this wasn't about my not being able to tighten things down enough, the problem lay with the Sony part of the lens collar that attaches to the lens foot. The Sony person I spoke to said they will send me a shipping label to send the lens to a repair facility in CT. I am not happy! These are expensive items, and now I have to go without my lens for at least two weeks and maybe longer, and see whether their "repair" (replacement of a basic part) works satisfactorily. I might add that I was looking for the emailed shipping label when I got this questionnaire. I don't understand why it has taken more than 24 hours for them to email it to me.... Read More  Hide
From: Pownal VT

Depends on which camera you are attaching it to.

April 10, 2020
There seems to be a incompatibility with the A7R4 for a lot of users. I'm hoping that the next firmware Sony issues will correct this. The hit rate of good photos to bad is a 3 in 10. I understand it works best with the A9M2 for tracking. It's really not the lens, I think. I am having a problem, but that might be because I use it on my A7R4.... Read More  Hide
From: Toronto, Canada

Great value for the money...

July 12, 2020
A great value compared to the next closest 100-400 lens. The images came out sharp all the way up to 600mm. With a tripod bracket on the lens, it's easy to align the horizon and switch between horizontal & vertical for landscape shots. The auto focus tend to be slow and sometimes unreliable for a lens this size.... Read More  Hide
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