From: Saratoga CA

Great zoom lens

August 21, 2020
Pluses: Small, light, affordable Internal zooming solid build Sharp optics Fast zooming IQ still good with 1.4TC Minuses: No Arca on tripod mount Heavy hood causing front lens element to detach Could be sharper AFC slower than 100-400mm and primes Bokeh so so too dim is used with 2X TC Not sure of differences with OIS modes... Read More  Hide
From: Springfield, Illinois

Initial review of 200-600

March 10, 2021
Had purchased this lens 200-600 back in Aug 2020, initial the pictures were crisp and clear until I updated the a7r4 FE to 1.2. I have to struggle more now to make sure all elements are in sync. Lighting, environmental, shutter, aperture, ISO. To be able to capture the crisp and clear pic. I have shot numerous BIF pictures an the capture rate is approx 20% overall. Static Landscapes shots are much better than flying birds. Overall I would rate this lens an 7-8 out of 10... Read More  Hide
From: New Jersey

Monster of a lens but does the Job

June 10, 2021
This lens will put some serious weight on your camera but it does get the job done. I do not use a tripod. It would get in the way for shooting wildlife where you more often than not have to follow the action. I use it on the Sony ARIV. It is nice and sharp. My gripes are that the lens hood does not attach securely. I lost it on my second outing while hiking. Sony could provide a longer strap for the lens. Finally the supplied lens bag could be a lot better. What is important is that I have no gripes about the lens. Make sure you try this lens before purchasing it.... Read More  Hide

Sony 200-600

August 09, 2022
Glad to have it but must confess that the anti shake on the lens isn’t as good as I thought it should be.
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