From: Minneapolis, MN

Requires high ISO shooting, even in good light...

August 19, 2019
I appreciate many Sony's lenses, especially the GM lenses (of which I own all except the 100mm f/2.8 STF GM). I particularly love the 70-200 GM and the 100-400 GM lenses, so I was very excited to hear of the new 200-600 G lens that was getting so many positive reviews from Sony representatives... Unfortunately, my experience with the lens has been mixed. The slower aperture glass requires higher ISO shooting, so that, for example, even in full sun the A7R3 often requires ISO 1000+ when shooting wide open at 600mm at 1/500- 1/800 shutter speeds. I compared this result with my Nikon d850 using the 200-500 5.6 VR lens. I set the aperture of the Nikkor to 6.3 to match the Sony lens and set the focal length to 500mm and was able to shoot 1/500 at ISO 320 with no problems. The image stabilization of the 200-500 is actually far better than the OIS of the Sony lens, too, so I could actually bring the ISO down to 100 and handhold the lens at 1/100 (and even lower!) with no image quality loss. With the Sony lens, on the other hand, the shutter speed must be quite high to compensate for lens shake at longer focal lengths (even when using IBIS and with the lens' Optical Steady Shot set to on). The upshot here is that the Sony lens requires higher ISO shooting, resulting in noisier images that will require post-processing to clean up. It's too bad Sony didn't take a page from Nikon on this lens. I would have preferred a constant aperture f5.6 lens even at the expense of the extra 100mm on the long end instead of a lens that stops down to f6.3 at 300mm or greater... I realize there are design and engineering trade-offs, of course, and that Sony made some compromises to keep costs down. Unfortunately for me, and probably for other photographers, the slower glass combined with higher ISO requirements will present challenges in all but the most well lit situations. On the positive side, however, the lens is well balanced and when you nail focus and don't have any lens shake, the image quality is excellent.... Read More  Hide
From: Natchez, MS

Focus issues

November 04, 2019
I was so excited to finally receive this lens after waiting a month. Unfortunately, the lens I received hunts focus and when it does focus, as soon as I press the shutter to snap the photo, the lens loses focus and the image comes out blurry. At some focal lengths it doesn't do this but the longer lengths it does it most of the time. I found myself either having to use the focus hold button on every shot or just using manual focus. The images that are in focus are very good, but I think I got a defective lens and am returning it to the seller. Very disappointing. I researched and can't find any other related issues on the internet. All reviews rave about how fast and accurate the lens focuses. I will try again after they have been in production longer and hopefully any problems have been resolved. Love my other Sony lenses and AR7IV!... Read More  Hide
Matej 1
From: Slovenia

OOS doesn't work properly in video mode

January 21, 2020
Hello, weeks ago I bought new sony FE 200-600mm lens but I think the OSS doesn't work properly on my sony A7R IV photo camera in video mode. If I start shaking camera on tripod OSS start working properly after 3 or 4 seconds and hold image very well but not for long time, maybay only 10 seconds. After that is image again shaky. I try everything and the problem is still here. I went to my friend and test his new lens FE 200-600mm on my A7R4 camera but the same problem even with his lens and on his camera A7R IV. In photo mode (M, S, A and P) both lenses start working immediately if I press shooting button and OSS stabilize image excellent. Only in video mode it's not working immediately. I think this is not mechanical problem but software problem, because both lenses behave the same in video mode. This problem happening to other Sony video cameras like A7S, FS7 and FX9 I tested. Big downsize for such a good lens. I had to sale my lens to photo user. I hope Sony will soon release new firmware for this lens and solved the problem. Regards, Matej... Read More  Hide
From: Wisconsin

Great build and features. Soft copy.

September 05, 2019
I love the feel and ease of use of the 200-600, it can't be beat in that regard. Unfortunately I received a soft copy. I also own a Nikon 200-500 and my copy of the 200-600 is noticeably softer in all situations; good light, bad light, near and far. I really had high expectations for this lens. I've read about others who have received soft copies as well as many who have received exceptional copies that are sharp even with the 1.4x. Hopefully Sony gets the quality control in order, but maybe that's why it's a G and not a GM lens.... Read More  Hide
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