From: Bergen, NJ

Versatile and Great Design, but Poor QC

October 01, 2019
I had many telephoto lenses from Nikon and Canon, and now Sony. I just got rid of a 100-400mm in order to get this 200-600mm. This is what I was looking for so long because I take aviation pictures. I love its speed, picture quality, and mostly all, coverage. However, when I pulled it out of a box a few days ago, the lens (it was wrapped) was covered with dirt/particles and a couple of big particles were in the lens. One of particle is stuck to inside of the front of the lens and won't move. I'm extremely disappointed by Sony's quality control since the particle is very visible; Sony should review its manufacturing environment.... Read More  Hide
From: South Florida

Beware if you are pairing with Ar7IV

November 13, 2020
There is an issue I and many others are having only when using this lens with the Ar7iv. Firmware update has not addressed soft focus and sharpness on stationary objects. Appears to work fine for many however there is an issue not is not being caused by the settings.... Read More  Hide
Jimmy Mor
From: Orlando, FL


August 12, 2019
Pre ordered this lens without reservation as all my previous Sony lens are great products and far exceed third party lenses. This lens "hunts" to focus and even in bright daylight requires a very high ISO. Even higher the my 100-400 with 1.4 extender. Would not recommend to anyone.... Read More  Hide
From: SC

Great at first, not so much now.

August 25, 2019
I had this lens about 1 week and was loving it. Then a giant spec of something appeared inside the lens on the front element. $2090 for a sealed lens that doesn’t extend and STILL gets a large piece of something inside the lens after less than a week. Very disappointed in the quality. None of my 4 other GM lenses or Zeiss lenses have anything inside and they were all used.... Read More  Hide
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