From: Houston

two shot in one stone

April 23, 2018
i return my 85F1.8 to purchase this lens , is great for macro and portrait. very happy with my decision.
From: Denver, CO

Love It!

May 12, 2019
I've used the Nikon 200mm f2.8 before. A Macro was a must as I stepped off into the Sony system. It focuses quickly with a hint of searching if the contrast isn't there. So far, I'm enjoying it to the max!!! It inspired me to shoot some of the flowers that I bought for my wife. The early end result was a very nice Mother's Day wish for her. I love having this capability and a mid-level zoom! Recommend that one adds it to their arsenal!... Read More  Hide
From: Bucharest

Dust problems

November 04, 2018
The lens is excellent but my copy is heavily contaminated wit dust between the optical elements. I am returning it for a replacement. Hopefully the replacement won't have the same problem.
From: NJ

Best macro lens ever I own !

September 19, 2020
The lens is beautiful. If your passion is macro photography this lens your needs. The G line lens of sony is really a top quality lens. From the construction and design, this lens high quality. Made of metal .The focus ring that could be retracted in & out for manual focus is a cleaver design. When doing macro photography and if you don't want to be too close to the subject like butterflies and bees, you can switch your A7 series camera to APC-s capture ON to give you a 135mm focal length and this will give you a minimum focus distance of about 17-18 inches instead of 11 inches. The lens has OSS and moisture resistance. Is not too big (for me)w hen connected to camera body but feels very stable when handling and pricy compare to canon , nikon and fuji . SJfoto... Read More  Hide
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