From: Memphis, TN

Fantastic small high quality camera

February 01, 2019
I needed a small and lighter size camera that would still have the high quality I have come to expect from larger more expensive cameras. Amazed at the sharpness and quality of this camera plus the broad zoom range in something this small is incredible. It fits in my pocket and is easy to carry and use. Wish it had better low light noice reduction but it is no worse than my larger cameras that are near professional level so it's a good trade in small size and have all the features that this camera has.... Read More  Hide
From: Sherwood, Oregon

Be very careful!

April 14, 2020
Be very careful with this camera! I love this camera. It takes amazing pictures, but it's easy to damage. I damaged my first one by... I don't know. One day the lens would not open and I found a tiny dent on the edge of the exterior shutter that covers the lens when the camera is turned off. I do not recall dropping it or banging it against anything, but obviously it hit something. The camera was not repairable and the damage was not covered by warranty. I had no choice but to buy another one. Soon after I bought the second one I received an email from Sony Protect, advertising a 3-yr accident policy for the camera. At first I thought no, because from now on I was going to be very careful with the camera. Then I decided to purchase the plan. Less than thirty days later, while kneeling down and examining an animal track in the dirt, it slipped for my hand and fell maybe six inches face down (while off and lens was closed) into soft powdery sand. I picked it up and shook and brushed as much of the fine dirt off the camera as I could. At first it would not open properly. After a couple more cycles it opens, but there is no view through either the viewfinder or on the scree, other than menus, etc., and I get a message that says to turn the camera off and then on again. Still doesn't work so I'm sending it in for repair. So yes, it's an amazing camera, but IT IS FRAGILE! Be very careful with it. I wold give it a 5 rating, except for this one weakness.... Read More  Hide
From: Florida

Software compatibility with Adobe... not possible

August 05, 2018
Purchased the product with great expectations. Tried to download images into Adobe and it isnt possible. I was shooting in Raw but so far I am wasting my time on this camera. Why in the world would you make a product that is incompatible with Adobe Lightroom and other products which is the industry standard. I doing something wrong.... Read More  Hide
From: Douglas. County, CO

Great camera. The lens broke twice

August 06, 2022
I absolutely loved this camera. It was great for travel and hiking. It does not have such good protection against dust and dirt. Also, the zoom lens broke after 2.5 years of owning it. The cost to repair was $600. Since my insurance company paid for it, I fixed it. The repair also broke again after 6 months. Having said that, I just purchased the RX100 VII. Hopefully I will have better luck.... Read More  Hide
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