Bird Man
From: Northern California

Great clarity

January 18, 2018
I brought this in November and very happy with it’s performance. Very clear sharp images. I use it with my a6500 and the focusing is very fast. I photograph mostly wildlife.
Bird Man
From: Northern California

Nice clear photos

February 09, 2018
Got this lens at the end of November and have really been enjoying it. Nice clear images. Little on the heavy side but still better than my Tamron lens. Most of my photos are birds and other wildlife. So glade Sony came out with a lens with good reach for my e-mount. On my smaller format a6500 it reaches out to 600mm. I’m a happy camper.... Read More  Hide
From: Islamorada, Florida

Amazing Quality!!!

March 23, 2018
Rented this lens before buying and was extremely happy and impressed with speed and quality. Great for wildlife..
From: LA

Excellent performance

May 06, 2018
I am happy with performance, very sharp images at the right light of course. Bit slow but that what to expect.
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