From: NY, NY

Excellent Lens! Shockingly Good!

December 31, 2019
I went back and forth about buying this lens- I already I own the 100-400GM, 70-200GM as well as the 1.4X and 2X teleconverters. However, on a recent trip to Sri Lanka it quickly became my go to lens for wildlife and birding. Even with the 1.4X converter under heavy canopy it still performed incredibly well. While the speed of the 600mm F4 GM would have been nice, flexibility as animals moved closer would have been comprised. I found the build quality to be great and the lens itself light compared to other lenses I've owned. Bokeh is great! Autofocus with the A7Riv was unbelivelably fast and devivered razor sharp images- even shooting handlheld at 600mm!!... Read More  Hide
Mr P H
From: Wisconsin

Excellent results

January 11, 2020
I've only been using this for a couple weeks with the A7III and I have been very impressed with the photos that I've been able to take of distant wildlife. The autofocus works great, the build quality feels solid and I'm getting the photos that I wanted.... Read More  Hide
From: London

Incredible with the a6400 for BIF and Wildlife

February 08, 2020
What a fantastic lens. I have only owned it for a couple of weeks and have already taken some of the best images I've ever captured. I moved to Sony from Canon (5Ds) and will never go back. The autofocus and image quality are both exceptional. I will be buying a Sony full frame body to accompany the excellent a6400 very soon!... Read More  Hide
From: S.W., MI

Really Like the Lens

February 12, 2020
Bought this mainly for taking Bird In Flight photos where I could hand hold the camera & lens combo. This has worked out better than my expectations since I have a hand tremor to compensate for as well. I'm getting probably a 85-90% in focus shots. The other 10-15% is mostly the guy behind the camera.... Read More  Hide
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