From: Louisville

My Go-To Portrait/Macro Lens

July 04, 2018
This lens is so flexible. I can shoot the sharpest of macro with the creamy bokeh. I use it on my a6500, A7rii and A7riii I am no professional. But this lens can make you feel like one!
Dave W
From: San Antonio, TX, United States

The FE90 Macro does it all

June 13, 2017
This is the macro lens that I have been waiting for for years. It has 1 to 1 magnification without an extension tube and internal focusing. Imaging quality is equal to the best competition and ease of use in fantastic. It also will double as an excellent portrait lens.... Read More  Hide
From: San Diego, CA


January 28, 2019
Ive used many marco lens over the years, but this one is tops!! This lens will not disappoint!!!
Francisco J
From: Madrid

Quality photos, but beware it

November 13, 2019
After 13 months of buying this lens, when I changed the battery of my camera, it stopped focusing. They told me that it has a scratch and is not covered by the guarantee. Although it has some superficial scrape, the failure must be due to another cause... However, I asked for a budget to solve it. - Two months later I received a big budget. Between the price (close to a new) and the reason (literally it only has a scratch), I decided to reject it. After several conversations and mails without getting solutions, they returned it to me with three months of delay. - In the last two years I have invested a lot in photography gear of that brand (three cameras and 12 lens) and I am surprised what is happening at the first issue with a lens under warranty. - After talking with several people of this brand (conversations, whatsapp, mails) and taking another three months without any proper action on their part, they end up telling me they had no solution for my case. It has been more than six months since I started this adventure and, to help future potential buyers, these are my conclusions: 1.- Buy electronics or photography on line - With the same failure, they would have returned a new lens. In addition, they ask for "apologies for the inconvenience caused by the failure". 2.- Be aware of this lens, which gave me many joys (attached two photographs), but a great headache and grief due to this problem.... Read More  Hide
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