From: Berlin, WI. 54923

Happy with this product

August 12, 2020
Just what I was looking for Had transistor radios years ago fun to have reminds me of my younger days


June 28, 2022
I love listening to the radio & I’m always adding to my radio collection
From: Nebo, LA

FM reception is horrible!

February 11, 2020
I bought this radio for its long battery life and because I heard it has great AM reception. It does. I`m very happy with AM on this radio. However, FM is utterly defective with one station covering most of the dial with images (I`m out in the country too!), and this is the 2nd MADE IN CHINA radio in a row that I`ve bought which was defective. Amazon has a great return policy. Unfortunately for me the nearest UPS store is an hour away from my home. I would have to travel aprox TWO HOURS to return this. The other radio I bought from another company was defective on AM. I still have it. The company refused to send me one that functioned properly. I left a 5 star review for this Sony radio on Amazon because of the incredible AM reception. I should have tried the FM band first. Please send me a radio that works. I have an AM/SW radio blog and I sing the praises of radios I love. I love the AM reception on this Sony but I can`t recommend it to others as an emergency radio if the FM band is defective. Are all of them like this?... Read More  Hide
From: Syracuse N Y

Not Great

January 24, 2021
I purchased this transitor radio a few weeks ago to replace one I had for many years.....both Sony. Very disappointed with this one. Very cheaply made....in off button sticks. Just not as good as the last one.
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