From: Hermon, Maine

The best budget option for wildlife!

February 25, 2020
Excellent sharpness and ease of use! I paired this lens with the A7RIV and have been very pleased with the results. Not the best for low light but overall I love this lens!!
From: Indianapolis, Indiana

Great Wildlife Lens

April 16, 2020
I bought this "today on 4-15-2020" but the registration page it says this lens was bought in February, I don't really get that unless it was when Roberts Camera bought it along with two other new ones they had in stock.
From: Houston, TX

Excellent Wildlife Zoom

April 28, 2020
Finally an "affordable" option for shooting (photos) wildlife. This lens performs great in well lit environments and focus is fast and accurate. When zooming in and out, the lens feels steady since the lens extends internally. The focusing mechanisms are quiet which is a must when taking photos of easily startled wildlife. The only issues I have with the lens is the lens hood and the weight (to be fair this is a 200-600mm lens). The lens hood does not lock like the 100-400 GM. It can easily unmount when hand holding the lens. The weight will affect when shooting handheld. Although, I recommend using a monopod or tripod when shooting for long periods of time. All in all this lens is fantastic. The IQ is GM quality. This lens pairs well with the α9 or α9II. I use it for my α7RIV and it works great. I highly recommend this lens for wildlife and sports action photography. You will not be disappointed.... Read More  Hide
From: NY

Perfect combo of Optics and Prize

May 10, 2020
You might but tamron or Sigma for lesses prize, but the auto focus on this lense is extreme, and matches 90 % to its big brother ,600mm F4 GM( prize 12000$)
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