From: South River, NJ

Sharp, light, love this lens

December 17, 2019
I bought this lens instead of the 70-200 since I've always had 70-200's with other systems and have not regrets. Paired with my A7R3 this lens is even good for doing concert photography with marginal light. The only thing that could make this lens even better would be cutting the lens shoe to fit arca swiss, it'd be such an easy mod and if I still worked in a machine shop I'd have done it myself but instead bought an aftermarket foot to accomplish it.... Read More  Hide
From: North Texas

Taking Photography to a new level

December 19, 2019
have been taking pictures for 60 years, from a Kodak Brownie, to SLR, to SLT to mirrorless. This lens paired with the Sony A7Riii takes my photography to a new level. The lens is as sharp as any I have used. The optical Stabilization is unbelievable. Co-ordinated with the stabilization in the camera I can hand hold at 400mm for less than 1/100 of a second with out visible shake. It is clear that my 70 year old hands can't hold a 3 lb lens that steady but the stabilization of lets me do the impossible. If I had any negatives it would be the weight of the lens. But it is expected in a long lens of that quality. Also the fall off of the lens is less than I hoped for meaning I need to blur many shots in processing. (I never thought of complaining that a lens is too sharp). Sony has outdone itself with this lens.... Read More  Hide
From: Roanoke Virginia

Very sharp. Quick focus

December 25, 2019
I have enjoyed this for several months and it lives up to my expectations. It is much better than my previous brand.
From: Denver, Colorado

Brilliant Lens

July 01, 2020
A bit of a learning curve as this is my first long lens, previously I shot with the FE 70-200 F/4, which is an amazing lens in its own right, but when I get the focus correct, this lend absolutely delivers. I have since added the 1.4TC, and using an a7riii, in crop mode, 840mm shots of the moon are incredible. The only weakness is NOT having the dedicated lock-switch for the zoom. The resistance ring works well, but even at its tightest setting it does not stop lens creep. Really wish it would. And yes, it is expensive, but I don't know what could be done about that.... Read More  Hide
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