From: Ohio

What a Fantastic Lens !!!

July 05, 2020
I first rented this lens for a weekend. When I returned it I wanted to have a little fun so I told the guy I didn't get one good picture. He was quite surprised and said "really ??? " Then I told him I actually got a couple thousand GREAT pictures :) So I then returned the rented lens & walked out with a new one. Getting this photo of the moon was what made me decide to buy this lens And here is a cropped in pic of the head of a Sandhill Crane... Read More  Hide
Echo Aux
From: Jacksonville, Fla

200mm to 1800mm WOW!!!

July 16, 2020
I bought this because the 150-600 (to 1800) was not giving proper lens or mm info with teleconverters. The other lens was sharp and auto focus was good. after watching many reviews I chose the SEL200600 over the SEL100400 mainly for its internal zoom that limits dust into the lens but also I like critter, birds and some moon photography. I have the SEL24240 (360mm APS-C) and it is super sharp with a lot of reach but there are times you need 600mm or even 1200mm and then there is that 1800 (2x plus APS-C) that when you are 200 yards away and up high but want that closeup of a White Pelican in flight or Great White Egret in mating plumage that or a Buck in velvet in the morning fog is where 1800mm comes in. And you want the correct shot info in Metadata and that is where this lens combo with 1.4X and 2X teleconverters shine. For the good stuff is the AF and IS...On July 3rd night the Buck Moon was out so I put the lens on my A7iii just regular single shot settings... it lock on AF and IS kept it solid "HandHeld" then pressed the APS-C button and again another clear clear capture at 900mm. The next night the 4th it was out and this time with 2X, a clear 1200mm then APS-C a clear sharp 1800 "Handheld" and I am almost 70 to me that is impossible and that was my first use, WORTH EVERY PENNY to me!!! Look I have been using Sony since Sept. 2014 and the one most important selling point is value per $. Sony knows it is not the pros that keep them afloat and climbing but the guy saving pennies, nickels, and dimes for a dream of good gear that will last and will break that bank open when he has it. Every camera (A7S,A7Rii,A7ii) and from my first lens E 1018 (APS-C) used on the A7S in full frame @ 12mm for Astro Milky Way had pinpoint stars and no distortion with IS/AF and screw on filters $700 now $900+ (everyone FF or APS-C wants or has) 5 years and going strong and value +++. I still have my Canon Ftb from the film days and use FD 20mm f/2 and 24mm f/1.4 on my Sony as well as 35/50/80/etc, Sony made sure there were adapters for other gear when they started to bring other over. That is how Sony Thinks, way way out there. You will pass this lens down to someone and they will also. As soon as I took those first shots I ordered a Lenscoat for it with everything else and is like a bug in a rug. The last shot is with the E 1018 @ 12mm full frame talk about great lenses and cameras bought in 2015 still strong!... Read More  Hide
Big Kahuna
From: Mid Hudson NY

beautiful lens

October 22, 2020
This lens has everything I want in a 200-600 zoom lens
DBHayes Art
From: Georgia

Excellent Long Zoom Lens

November 10, 2020
My wife & I each have this lens. Hers for her a7RIV and mine for my Sony a7RII. Both lens have been performing as we'd hoped.
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