From: AZ

pricey but quality images

October 15, 2021
well designed lens. The selection of available lenses is wonderful that was the reason i purchased the Mirrorless camera.from Sony and dd not buy the Nikon

Great telephoto lens

November 09, 2021
Great telephoto lens. Not good for low light applications tho. Day light photography unless you want to use crazy high iso. Auto focus is definitely on point!
From: Minneapolis, MN, United States

Excellent Optics; doesn't zoom smoothly though

July 31, 2017
The optics from this lens are first-rate; as good or better than the Canon 100-400 L ii lens and better than Sony's 70-200 F4 offering. However, my copy of the lens has a definite grinding feel when zooming down from 200-100mm in focal length, and that concerns me that the gearing might have a problem or need lubrication.... Read More  Hide
From: Colorado, United States

Great lens, except for Zoom tensioning method.

October 13, 2017
Very sharp, especially for a long zoom. Tension ring not so great. After a few trips looking for birds, the zoom starts slipping. Now, after a couple of months, I have to move the lens back every few minutes when walking with the lens pointing down.... Read More  Hide
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