Read This - Pros and Cons w/ HP EliteBook 840 G3

November 12, 2017
I can only speak to my specific model laptop. My employer provided the docking station with the laptop as a remote workstation solution. After two months of use, here is my take on the pros and cons. Pros: Slim, Minimal footprint, Display Ports work perfect with my dual screen setup, External displays work, Audio out works, USB works, Boot time not impacted Cons: Does not support mic input, required display driver update to resolve external displays recognition issue - laptop display had to be opened and closed to send the video output to the external displays, does not use the same power supply (PS) adapter as the laptop. Overall, I like all the USB and Display Ports. Perfect for my workstation. It's easy to lock and unlock the laptop from the docking station. If anything changes, I'll revise my rating.