From: 66030

Works well except for one issue

January 08, 2015
I don't often take flash photos, but prefer to use an accessory flash rather than the pop-up when I need one. I previously bought a basic HVL-F20AM that I used on my a700 DSLR. It is small and light weight, but you can use it in a bounce configuration for softer light, so I like it. I discovered I could use it with both my new RX10B and HX400V if I got the ADP-MAA adapter, which I did. I put the adapter on, and it operated the flash perfectly. Since it is a small and light weight flash, I really didn't have any of the issues with the unit falling off the camera, like some of the folks with larger and heavier flashes have commented about. However, now that I have the adapter on the flash, I can't seem to get it off so that I can still use it on my a700 DSLR. I don't want to use excessive force and break it trying to get it off, but it seems to be stuck on there permanently. Any help? If it isn't made to come off once it is connected, Sony should have said that in the description. I would have rated it 5 stars if I could get it off.